Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wow what a weekend...

We had an incredibly full weekend which we topped off tonight by hosting our kid's youth group for a yummy barbecue. Grace is showing her badminton moves ,and Aaron and his friend Brandon relax with the dog. Can't believe it's already Monday tomorrow. I found some fun treasures this weekend, hopefully I'll get some pictures posted. Happy week to everyone!

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miss gracies house said...

I'm just now getting back with you-sorry but life has been full! I was soo thrilled when you left a comment on my blog. I saw your stuff at Monticello last spring when we were over there for a holiday. It caught my husband's eye first! Fun stuff! I just want to *know* how you do everything with your family?! I'm having a hard enough time with my 2 left at home.
You mentioned blogging being a new way to share our faith. It has been interesting to me as well. I started out just doing the fluffy stuff to try and build my business but as life has come up-The Lord is there and it just comes out!
I hope to get to know you better...I'll be back.