Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some of my favorite things

We had a very successful weekend scavenging for treasures. I had all these great intentions of taking pictures and showing our pile of treasures and then I forgot and tagged and boxed things up to go to the Monticello or to the Coburg Antique Show. Yes we have officially decided to do the show once again this year. We did not do it last year for the first time in 8 years but will do the all night grind of setting up at 3.00a.m. once again this year. This is a fantastic show if you have never been to it. Since my treasures are already buried again I'll show some of my favorite things in our home. I am very sentimental so if it means something to me it becomes a favorite.

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miss gracies house said...

Very cute stuff! You do well on display~the little shelf with all of the chicy garden stuff is adorable-I esp like that oval picture of the little girl-I've been shopping in Colburg before but not to the big show. Maybe next year???