Monday, July 30, 2012

Wedding Fun

     The last couple weeks have been busy for sure. I got the pleasure of doing the flowers and decorating for my dear friend's daughter's wedding. My beautiful 4th daughter, is the bridesmaid on the right side. My family went camping as was planned a year in advance, so I was left behind with #4 daughter to enjoy "wedding," befores, during and afters.
    After cleaning up from wedding event we also were able to go camping and enjoy family and friends for a week.

                                                                                         Here are some photos of the wedding  preparations

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Some great finds this weekend

       We were thrilled to find all kinds of wonderful items to prepare for our customers this weekend. we haven't gone out alot lately so it was quite fun to find some really unusual items. I don't have pictures yet of my favorites but will soon. We are preparing a glass case to house some fabulous vintage pharmaceutical supplies along with some wonderful old gauges from steam engines. we also found some great old books and various furniture pieces.

            This is all from the house we are salvaging

 This is Handyman Marv doing his thing
                     We are also busily tearing a very old house apart and salvaging fabulous old wood, trim and house parts. We have one more day before it gets demolished. It was beautiful in its day.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Some of my favorites

 While looking around for Red, Whites and Blues, I found a few of my favorite things. Thought I'd decorate a bit for the 4th of July.
 Have a wonderful week and enjoy friends and family as you celebrate our nations freedom