Thursday, November 13, 2008

An amazing sale! We are Blessed

We spent weeks gearing up for our ninth annual "Christmas Memories" show. We weren't sure how it would go with all the talk of a sad state of economy. We were happily surprised to have a wonderful flood of people and a fabulous sale. We try really hard to provide a fun and charming atmosphere with lots of nostalgia and a sense of true Christmas warmth. We incorporate all the kids we know as well as friends that are dear enough to help us. We also serve a yummy cafe that is a fund raiser for the youth in our church, the food was wonderful. (especially the cinnamon rolls) Thanks Terry!! This year our 14 year old Gracie even served a full espressos bar. Me being the not overly organized type, failed to take any pictures what so ever. My friend Krissy a photographer, came through for me though and sent me a few pictures she managed to get. Over all the weekend was a huge success and now we just deal with the after scene. A huge load was stuffed into our spot at the Monticello and now we will continue preparing for the Wonderful Christmas open house that takes place there on the 5&6 of December where we will set up a special area in the back.