Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Family affair with sheep 4-H

This is the week my kids have waited and worked hard for. It is the week that they show their sheep at the 4-H fair. My oldest daughter and her soon to be husband take charge and assist the younger kids with their sheep that they raise from lambs and then carefully groom to be show lamb quality. It is much more involved than one would think. We spend all day at the fairgrounds as they show in many classes. It is really exciting and so far they have done really well with many blue ribbons. At the end of the fair, the sheep are auctioned off and it turns out to be a really productive way to earn money.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A short break with my sweet daughter

The beautiful southern Oregon coast
My Youngest daughter Sarah

After spending several weeks working on various projects and doing the usual finding and selling of antiques, along with the business of a large active family, I needed a short break. The older kids couln't come along because they are preparing for sheep 4-h this week so I decided to take my youngest child on a special tiny trip. We went down to Goldbeach which is the area I grew up in. We went to the small county fair, saw a rodeo, played on the beach, went to Prehistoric gardens (owned by my friend)and spent time with family and friends. Thanks Nancy!!! I also put some items in a very sweet store in Brookings called "Feather your nest" Hi gals I enjoyed meeting you :) The trip was so special because I got to spend quality time with my special little gal and what fun we had.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Window Display at the Monticello Antique store

view through the window

table of goodies from the wedding shower

Today Husband Marv and I headed towards Portland early as we were asked to do the window display area for the Monticello during the month of July. As today was July 1st, this was move-in day. I decided to go with a Garden Party theme as this is the season. We also just hosted a wedding shower in our yard and the decorations were the inspiration for the front window.Here are some pictures taken through glass looking in.