Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tuesday's trip to Monticello

Monday night I got a call from the sweet gals at Monticello telling me two of our large cupboards had just sold and my booth was of course , declared a national disaster with all of the cupboards belongings all over the floor.I realized I'd better quickly gather up some large pieces to bring up as soon as possible. So as soon as I could gather a load Tuesday morning, Sarah my youngest gal and I headed north in the old black faithful pickup. We worked fast and furiously and finished redoing our booth just as the store was closing. Another successful trip to our favorite store.
Tomorrow the big 4-h Fair begins and daughters Gracie and Emma will be showing their sheep. They have worked hard preparing them for the big week. We'll spend the next few days at the fairgrounds .

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Aaron said...

Thanks for visiting my blog mom! I am having a good time. Why did you make a new blog entitled Tuesdays trip to the monitecello? was that a mistake? Hmmmm. Our hosts are really nice. Tomorrow we are going to a water park! It should be fun.
see ya