Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday's trip to the Monticello

After a successful salvage sale at our home this past weekend, I took a load of fun treasures up to the Monticello in Portland. We made some different types of birdhouses along with lots of other garden items. I spent the afternoon stuffing and fluffing my booth and rearranging. My brother and sister in law have a booth across from me so they stopped by and we had a fun chance to visit. I came home to my front yard with it's left over salvage and decided to have another sale this weekend. I'm on a mission to clear out clutter.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Planting of Planters on our Patio

I finally found a bit of time to decorate our patio a bit. We spend scads of time in our back yard in the summer. It is almost an acre and a good portion has been taken over by excess salvage materials that we build with. We have decided that this week we will have a huge sale to sell some of our excess materials. I put an add on craigs list and we will work all week to prepare. Well have old windows,doors, shutters,cupboards,vintage yard carts,wagons,buckets,yard stuf and much more. We have built up this stosh over the last 10 years and it is time to let loose with some of it. Hopefully we will be successful with that.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Newest member of the Family

I'm not sure how it happened but yesterday we let down our guard and while feeling vulnerable, somehow ended up with an adorable little puppy, the newest member of our family. I can't believe my husband actually went along with it, but after all, he was weakened having poured and stamped a concrete patio for our friends. They just happened to have a litter of the sweetest little blond labs and I guess he couldn't say no to the little gal. So here they are tuckered out after a long day. I guess it will be his fathers day gift. Happy Fathers Day!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Well the weekend is upon us and yes pretty much everyone I know that loves Antiques is up at the "Farm Chicks" sale in Spokane. I must admit I am just a little bit envious. I don't do well sitting in the car for long drives, as I am always on the move and its torturous to sit still for hours. So I will keep telling myself I would have much more fun at home anyway. OK so even my brother is up at the sale. Not fair! Oh wait, I'm having more fun at home. That's right. And anyway there is a huge 80 home garage sale event happening withing walking distance of our house. Tomorrow morning we will get up early and look for treasure right in our neighborhood. Can't beat that, we won't even be spending on gas. Tomorrow I'll take pictures of our loot. Hopefully it's just as wonderful as Spokane.

So since I stayed home, all I can show you are some pictures of things I love in my kitchen...