Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Sad Sunday Morning

This morning we woke up to a very sad Sunday. Our new lab puppy somehow got into our bunny hutch that houses our nine year old's sweet bunny and managed to eat it. Our kids were beyond consolation.It was horrible! All I could think of was to try and find another bunny that could somehow replace "Tubby". I frantically looked on craigs list and everywhere possible on a Sunday morning. I finally spotted one that was the same type and looked adorable up in Salem. Bingo! Little son, Caden liked it and so I called the gal and asked if we could come up and pick it up today. She was kind enough to let us come and since there were two bunnies we decided to be sure we had a winner and took both. Off to church we went and then hurried up to Salem. We were thrilled to find very nice owners who sent us off with a larger hutch also. Thanks Lori and Pat!! We got home to a very happy little boy whos tears turned to smiles. What a day!

Double Birthday Party

This weekend we celebrated the Birthdays of our daughter turning 22 and our son turning 17. Wow , way to make a mom feel old. It was a fun time with friends relatives and lots of food. My husband barbecued and I added a few other side dishes. We went with a castle cake with knights to represent son Aaron, and a fair maiden to represent daughter Julie. What great kids they are!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Another fruitful Friday

Grandbaby Maya arrived promptly at a little before 7:00am as usual so her Mommy can speed off to work. So as not to bore her, grandpa and I took her out for a little early morning garage sailing.(Hoping to train her early). We found some fun sales out in the country.We have found that driving out aways works better with our little gal as she is not always in the mood for a crowd. Well we found some great sales, once again I failed to get good shots of the furniture pcs. but got some pictures of smalls. We are seriously stocking up for Coburg. I can't wait to sell some of the piles that are gathering around our house and shop.
The little cowgirl outfit is from the 40's and has the origional pattern with it. I had my little gal try it on for fun.

Yeah!! My Wonderful Blog Win From Lisa

This was such a fun surprise! We went to the Monticello to bring up some treasures and fluff our booth and Lisa from "A THING FOR ROSES" had dropped off the special wall paper assortment that I had won from her blog give-a-way. I have a fairly short memory and was thrilled when the gal at the desk showed me the package. I had no idea what a sweet give-a-way or I would have entered several times! ha! The package not only had beautiful sheets of wallpaper, but also several other tiny treasures. All that to say THANKYOU SO MUCH!!! Lisa, I love love love everything. You are so sweet!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Fabulous Friday Finds

Marv and I Started out early this morning in hopes of finding some fun sales. We decided to head out in the country to a sale that sounded interesting. I knew we were taking a chance as one can never tell by the ad in the paper. We were not disappointed. This time we ended up at the most incredible sale and there was only one other person there. We had our grand baby in arms along, so I had hoped for a non pushy type of sale, yeah!! We found lots and lots of great old furniture along with some fun unusual smaller items as well. We Loaded up our loot and I forgot to take pictures, Marv covered and tied our treasures in the back of the truck so maybe I'll get some photos when unloading tomorrow. We did take an after shot of the furniture I left behind. Here are some of the smalls I got. Most of the load will go to Coburg for the Coburg antique show. This is a fabulous show if you haven't been there.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Vintage Prom Dress

This is the beautiful vintage prom dress that I found at the store I discovered called Nobody'sBaby while my guys were in Eastern Oregon for the weekend. Isn't it just sweet as can be? If you are ever in Eugene make sure and check it out,it is so fun!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

My weekend find, A new Friend

So here she is, This gal was my unusual find this weekend. She is an older store mannequin. I don't know what vintage she is or anything else about her. My kids think she is creepy and that we need to get rid of her quick. I think she is quite wonderful and I love the vintage dress shes wearing. I put her out in my sewing cottage and I'll have to say, each time I walk past I jump, thinking someone is sitting in my cottage.
I sent my men ,hubby and sons on a fishing trip to eastern Oregon this weekend, it has been nice to have us girls on our own schedule. I found an amazing vintage clothing store Nobody's Baby that is located in Eugene, that I have wanted to check out for years. I found a wonderful dress that the sweet owner Linda sold me for a great price. I'll be showing pictures of the dress soon. We also picked blueberries, painted the kitchen cupboards and various other things. No dull moments around here.
Oh yes, I also won Lisa's Give-a-way at A THING FOR ROSES. Thanks so much Lisa!!. I don't think I have ever won any thing so yes I am excited.