Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our living room gets a"Goodwill" makeover

It all started with finding a (new to us) couch at Goodwill.This replaced a pitiful couch that we got at a garage sale for 18.00 last summer. Long story, but we sold our other couch on craigslist thinking we were getting a different one. The dream couch we thought we were getting fell through and we were stuck finding whatever we could to sit on. The new couch is leather and a good color for our large family who like to get dirty. However it had issues. I had to do a major repair job underneath before we could use it, thus the 145.00 price
Somehow the couch clashed severely with our lemon yellow -suppose to be cream wall paint. I have hated it for three years. I decided a gallon of paint was a good investment so we chose a putty color. I love it!!!.
Next hideous curtains must go... Found some long creamy linen ones and they are awesome. Notice the curtain rod and glass knobs. This was re-purposing from stuff out in our workshop. I'm on a tight budget and I quite liked how they turned out.
Last a large coffee table fresh from Goodwill today finished off the new look.