Thursday, September 10, 2009

Aarons way of watching the store for a moment

oh to be young
notice the new green trim color

I can hardly believe how the days are flying by. We are busily preparing for the opening of our store. I have spent many hours scrubbing,painting,unpacking boxes and now the actual setup. Yeah we are making progress. In the mean time, I leave the store with my very capable teenagers in charge and I return to see the fiddler on the roof. Oh to be young and stress free :)


Gail said...

Too cute Kathy! Can't wait for your grand opening....
Gail (LittleBeachDesigns)

Ashlee said...

Awesome!!!! Awesome!!!!! I'm so on the roof next time I come over!!!! yeah!! cant wait!!! lol

I'm really excited for the store. You guys are going to have so much fun!

Love you all, ash

Tammy said...

lol...How funny! Love the way that kid thinks! I love that you captured it. Now you need to hang it in the shop somewhere near the register or entry for all to enjoy. Made me chuckle. ;D
hugs and best of luck to you all. How exciting to be a shop owner. A dream of mine.

Miss Gracie's House said...

Don'cha love it? They haven't a clue of the *list* that still needs to be finished! I'm glad you could see the fun with all that is going on around you:)

Having Fun In Gold Beach said...

Thanks for keeping us updated with what's going on. It will be fun to see it for real on our next visit. Take care.