Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

Emma looking not overly thrilled to have a picture taken
Sarah keeps forgetting to look at the camera
Maya just wants to play
Happy Mothers Day To Mama

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers day. We were up late last night helping clean up a huge garage sale that was a fund raiser we were involved with. I then came home to prepare Mothers Day dinner for our gang. All that to say I got not much sleep and started off the day a bit groggy. We went to church and then had a yummy barbeque ribs dinner. I wish I'd have taken a picture. They looked as good as they tasted and were quickly devoured. I usually try to talk my kids into a few pictures for mom on Mothers Day. Has anyone tried to get a good picture of 9 kids at the same time. I am an awful photographer anyway. I just won't take the time to sit still and learn how to take decent picture. I always love the pictures and its all about memories anyway. As you can see not everyone was cooperating :)


Barb said...

How do i always find out about these sales after they are over??

Glad you had a great Mom's Day. Pics of kids are great, and congratulations Aaron on finishing the marathon.

blessings to all,
barb simmons

Having Fun In Gold Beach said...

Nice Pictures. Glad to hear you all had a good day together. We had a great weekend as well. Hope you get a chance to check out our blog page and pics. Take care.


cast-n-flies said...

I heard the ribs were great! Would have loved to smell and taste them! I'm pleased that all was well with you since you couldn't be up here with us :)


Such sweet pictures of your gang! Would like to know what Emma had on her mind????? Oh, that age :o)
Best wishes,
Sylvi (mother of 4, Grannie of 2)

Tammy said...

What a wonderful family you have. So sweet looking. Amazing that you got most of them to smile.