Sunday, May 3, 2009

Aaron runs the Eugene Marathon

Aaron right after the finish line
Big sister "Kookie" is so proud of Aaron
Our awesome friends Lisa and Dustin
We are so proud of you Aaron!!
Our 17 year old son decided to run the Eugene marathon not to long ago and has been training the last few weeks. I was a bit concerned about the distance and his strong pain threshold, knowing he wouldn't give up even if he was in tough shape. Well he amazed me and did a fantastic job.Hubby Marv and I went to the 23 mile point to cheer Aaron on and I must admit it was hard for me to watch him as I knew this must be grueling. He was fortunate to have some wonderful friends of ours that are distance runners run along with him to pace him. All this to say he made it and we are so proud, what an incredible feat.


Gail said...

Congrats to Aaron....that's an amazing accomplishment! The weather was perfect this a.m. for running a marathon.....

Jonnie said...

Aaron--YOU DID IT! Grandpa and I knew you could and we are very proud of your dedication and accomplishments. Keep running the good race!

Jonnie said...

Good job Aaron! Keep up the good work. Had trouble getting into my account so I had Jonnie post this for me.

My Shabby Roses said...

Good job Aaron! We're so proud of you.
Auntie Deb

cast-n-flies said...

Congratulations to Aaron! He may hurt for a day but he'll remember the victory for a lifetime!