Thursday, March 12, 2009

Looking forward to some crafting

Happy Birthday Gracie!!!

This has been a doozy of a week and I truly am looking forward to the weekend and possibly a little creative time. Tomorrow one of my daughters is turning 15. Wow the years sure fly by. We are opting for a quiet family party. I am trying to come up with some Easter projects for my next run to the Monticello. I'm not feeling overly creative as there has been a bit of stress surrounding us. Hopefully the ideas will come. Have a lovely weekend.


Stephanie said...

oooooo- turning 15 ! My baby turned 15 this past fall and wow- its hard to think of her as this old now :(
Your daughter is so cute!!
Have a good weekend,

marie said...

I saw your comment over at The Feathered Nest and thought I would visit you. What a lovely blog you have. Full of so much eye candy!! I wish Maryland was a bit closer to Oregon!

I enjoyed my visit very much!!

Happy Birthday to your 15 year old!

Charlene said...

Stress is a killer! It can kill your creativity & you! Take time for yourself. I too have been in the thick of "stuff" & I had this very talk with myself. Nothing is worth ruining your health. God Bless you & keep you.

miss gracies house said...

Happy Birthday to your Gracie!

Bummer lambs too? No wonder you aren't feeling so have a lot going on.
I'm heading to Monticello tomorrow-can't wait to see your space!