Thursday, March 5, 2009

A good mix of fun and work

This week my my two youngest girl pals and I headed to the Monticello knowing we had our work cut out.Two large pieces of furniture had sold and both were filled with small stuff which of course was stuffed everywhere. Such is the case when you live to hours from the store that your booth is in. Many days it is a speedy trip up just to keep things off the floor and looking tidy. I never complain about the large sales :)
We are now back to normal with no baby bummer lambs in the kitchen. I must say as much as I enjoy them there is a nice feeling about not getting up twice a night for bottle feedings.


Lorri said...

I love the biscuit counter, What a cool piece!

Amy McCoy said...

Hi Kathy, your booth is beautiful we stopped by and saw it after the expo on Friday.Such fun!Please visit our store at

Charlene said...

I ust found you over at Dawns. Your stuff looks awesome! I am looking for pretty buttons (especially pearl) lace, all kinds of goodies. Looks like your Antique space has some good stuff. Do you sell online too? I have visited in the Eugene area & loved it. Had friends that own property in Brookings OR (on the coast). I miss Oregon... need to visit again. And by the way, your potting shed is divine!

Rochelle said...

Wow, when I visit my parents in Scio, OR I am going to have to make a special trip to Portland and visit Monticello once again - especially your booth! :)

Anonymous said...