Saturday, January 10, 2009

The new year starts out with a bang, or rather, some "Bling''

Well we never are lacking for excitement around here. In fact each and every day is full with new events in a large family. This week our oldest daughter Julie, got engaged. Her boyfriend Tyler is a great guy and sure seems to be a good fit for Julie. They both love animals and are especially into sheep. They both are completely adored by all of the younger siblings and they do a great job of including them in their lives. They have both been extremely involved in helping the younger kids with 4-H. This week also happened to be the start of lambing season. Tonight we went out to greet the first baby lamb of the season. All the kids are anxious to get a lamb picked out for 4-h to start working with. I am so thankful for my kids,they truly bring me so much joy!! Congratulations Julie and Tyler!


Branderella said...

Congrats, what a pretty ring! your daughters are prreetyyy =D i like your sheep too, they're cute, hope you had a good holiday season!

Maison Douce said...

Congrats to your daughter and fiancee, they look very happy!!! The ring is gorgeous!!

Martha, Vintage Trifles said...

Just stopping by to say "Hi"! Congrats to your daughter. So nice to see you at Monticello and your space was wonderful. My silverware polished up beautifully and we used it over the holidays. Happy New Year! M.