Monday, August 4, 2008

My weekend find, A new Friend

So here she is, This gal was my unusual find this weekend. She is an older store mannequin. I don't know what vintage she is or anything else about her. My kids think she is creepy and that we need to get rid of her quick. I think she is quite wonderful and I love the vintage dress shes wearing. I put her out in my sewing cottage and I'll have to say, each time I walk past I jump, thinking someone is sitting in my cottage.
I sent my men ,hubby and sons on a fishing trip to eastern Oregon this weekend, it has been nice to have us girls on our own schedule. I found an amazing vintage clothing store Nobody's Baby that is located in Eugene, that I have wanted to check out for years. I found a wonderful dress that the sweet owner Linda sold me for a great price. I'll be showing pictures of the dress soon. We also picked blueberries, painted the kitchen cupboards and various other things. No dull moments around here.
Oh yes, I also won Lisa's Give-a-way at A THING FOR ROSES. Thanks so much Lisa!!. I don't think I have ever won any thing so yes I am excited.


My Shabby Roses said...

Kathy, she is just wonderful! I can see where she would make you jump though! Love the dress she is wearing too.
Side Note: Come and visit!

Stephanie said...

I could see how she would make you jump! Altho, my daughter would think she is real cool, I made her get rid of her last manequin because she smelled so bad!!! LOL
Have a great week and enjoy your all girls week too!!

Pink Slippers said...

Thanks for the giggle about the kids. And I would jump to every time I would walk by her. Being new it would probley happen EVERY time.

Amy Acker said...

She`s beautiful, i like her dress.