Friday, August 22, 2008

Another fruitful Friday

Grandbaby Maya arrived promptly at a little before 7:00am as usual so her Mommy can speed off to work. So as not to bore her, grandpa and I took her out for a little early morning garage sailing.(Hoping to train her early). We found some fun sales out in the country.We have found that driving out aways works better with our little gal as she is not always in the mood for a crowd. Well we found some great sales, once again I failed to get good shots of the furniture pcs. but got some pictures of smalls. We are seriously stocking up for Coburg. I can't wait to sell some of the piles that are gathering around our house and shop.
The little cowgirl outfit is from the 40's and has the origional pattern with it. I had my little gal try it on for fun.


My Shabby Roses said...

Kathy, you did find some great items! Those dolls are so sweet.
And what can I say about Sarah, she looks so cute in her cowgirl outfit! What a great picture.

Stephanie said...

oooooo Coburg ! Im thinking Im not going to make it there :( Its a very sad thought to me , lol....

Anyways, looks like you always find great things when garage sailing, maybe I need to venture out of this area and head south!

Have a great day :)

Her said...

Hey Kath, we miss you guys.

Hope things are good. Looks like you found some neat things. I got this really neat vintage polish wooden doll at an estate sale for a quarter. I'll post a pic soon.

Pink Slippers said...

Cute little cowgirl. Have a great weekend. Wendy

Sharon said...

I love the cowgirl's awesome! I also love the antique baby dolls! I have been looking for one for quite awhile now. Your's has the sweetest face!

Sounds like a great day with your grand daughter.

xox Sharon