Saturday, August 4, 2012

Updates from the Store

    We have been busily preparing the "Barn" area at the store for a huge salvage area in the back. We have a small salvage area but it can"t accommodate the amount of doors, windows, architectural pcs that we have available to sell. 
    First we had to clear out a large area and then move an amount of our items to another area in the store that we are now also filling with mostly garden and a bit more color.

  Our "Barn" area at Glory Days Antiques

 My sweet kiddos enjoying Strawberry lemonade in the Store Deli
  In the next week we will be bringing in all kinds of fun vintage doors, windows, hardware, all things that are not readily available in the Eugene area. If you are in the area stop in for a visit. There are lots of new venders and loads of great new merchandise in the store.  Located at 21st and Main in Springfield


melanie said...

14looks fabulous...wish you were in Portland! hope sales are wonderful...your pictures look great!

Barbara Jean said...

fun. cannot wait to see it all done.
hugs and blessings

{oc cottage} said...

my! what treasures!

m ^..^

June said...

Oh how I wish I could be there Kathy! When I went back and read that you have been salvaging some things from an old house, I can just bet there would be some treasures for me!
I adore the photo of your VERY darling kids!