Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In love with numbers

Yes , I am pretty much in love with numbers. I love them on almost anything. I like old ones, new ones , chippy ones and blue ones. I am not quite so crazy about bold yellow ones, but I do have them, so I must have found them and thought they were worthy of keeping at some point.
The last couple days Ive been playing around with some crafting projects that Ive added numbers to, The numbers just really add uniqueness, Cant help but love them.
Hubby and I have been trying to finish up lots of things we've started over the last year but never finished. Got to say it feels good to gets things for sale and move on to new ideas.


Auntie Joy said...

I love #'s to! Hope to see you at the show this weekend.

June said...

Hi Kathy. I love your blog! I was so grateful for the nice note you left for me and am so glad that I could find you.
I love numbers too...and these are especially great ones.

Barbara Jean said...

yep. I love numbers too! so fun, on anything and everything.
Of course always love what you create, with or without numbers.

blessings sweet girl