Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Time decor

I never usually get to enthused with Fall decorating but this year I am really looking forward to Fall. I have started getting my crafting room ready to spend some time in there. I played around a bit with some items for the store today.


Barbara Jean said...

I LOVE your burlap pumpkins, and that sweet banner.
Hope all is going well for you!!

Busy season coming up. =)


PS I have a ? about rose hips so will email you.

Barbara Jean said...

Questions about rose hips answered on other blog.
I told a friend of mine in Redmond I would bring her some, and wanted to know when they were ready.

I see they are ready now. =)
how much is a bundle, or 10??
Will see what I can afford to get her.

How long do they stay good??


Kathy said...

Hi Barb, they are 12 per lg bundle, but if you want to get them from my house they will be 10 per bundle. They really stay for months. They dry up but certainly keep their color.