Monday, August 1, 2011

An evening walk in our "little Urban Farm"

One of our dogs, Jackson

My Gals who prefer the fence to their HenHouse, There are 14 total
Brand new babies

We live in town on just about an acre. Its tucked away and people are quite surprised when they see what all we have hidden in our little Urban Farm yard. First of all we love animals and Im not saying how many we have, just in-case someone might put us on one of those hoarding TV shows. We also have a good stash of building materials as well as other clutter. I was careful to not get piles of deb-re in the pictures. So here are a few of our furry and feathery friends


Barbara Jean said...

So cute Kathy!!
Thanks for coming by my place for a visit.
(sorry for a kind of boring post today) =) some days are like that.


Erica said...

Love your adorable pic of the baby bunny!

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Junebug said...

How cute all of your animal pictures are. I would love an acre in town but only have a 1/4 acre but it is amazing what little critters I can squeeze in on it. Hope you day is going fantastic!

Unknown said...

hmmmm...jackson actually looks semi-skinny right there...
He needs to start hiking with me! Lucky for him theres just enough rom for him in the front seat of my little ranger :) -grace

Miss Gracie's House said...

HI kathy,
Cute critters!
My mother is traveling to Springfield next week..she always goes to Glory Days...I'll be sure and tell her to check out your spaces...
Hope your summer is going well,