Sunday, July 12, 2009

A short break with my sweet daughter

The beautiful southern Oregon coast
My Youngest daughter Sarah

After spending several weeks working on various projects and doing the usual finding and selling of antiques, along with the business of a large active family, I needed a short break. The older kids couln't come along because they are preparing for sheep 4-h this week so I decided to take my youngest child on a special tiny trip. We went down to Goldbeach which is the area I grew up in. We went to the small county fair, saw a rodeo, played on the beach, went to Prehistoric gardens (owned by my friend)and spent time with family and friends. Thanks Nancy!!! I also put some items in a very sweet store in Brookings called "Feather your nest" Hi gals I enjoyed meeting you :) The trip was so special because I got to spend quality time with my special little gal and what fun we had.


Gail said...

Breaks are good! Looks like you had a special time...

Barb said...

That is great Kathy.
I'm sure it was a needed time for both of you, and a blessing to those you got to see.

Barbara Jean

Sue said...

Hi Kathy,
This is Sue from Feather Your Nest in Brookings. It was such a great pleasure meeting you and having your jewelry in our shop. I will let you know how we did at the Flea Market this coming Saturday. My sissy, Gayla is here to participate and says "Hi".
Oh, by the way thank you so much for mentioning us in your Blog. We appreciate it so much.