Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday's trip to the Monticello

After a successful salvage sale at our home this past weekend, I took a load of fun treasures up to the Monticello in Portland. We made some different types of birdhouses along with lots of other garden items. I spent the afternoon stuffing and fluffing my booth and rearranging. My brother and sister in law have a booth across from me so they stopped by and we had a fun chance to visit. I came home to my front yard with it's left over salvage and decided to have another sale this weekend. I'm on a mission to clear out clutter.


Stephanie said...

Where is your sale ?! I would love to come to it!
I love your items at Monticello - someday I want to own the greenhouse!!
Have a great day,

Iris said...

Sorry we missed you at Monti's. Judy and I were there for a mind numbing 4 hours cause you know even the best of plans can go amuck. Love your stuff. Good luck on your sale. Happy junken trails

Krissy Chang said...

What days and time will your sale be? I'd love to come by. I drove by the other day and saw all the old window panes. I'd love to take a look!

Krissy Chang

Stephanie said...

Oh darn, I for some reason thought you lived in Salem. I guess I will miss this one, but thanks for letting me know.
Hope everything goes well!!

Anonymous said...

I myu\ust have missed your both last time i was up there, there was nothing as cute as your things! I guess we'll have to make a special trip up there now!

Charmingdesigns said...

You drive from Eugene to Portland???yikes. I need to get back up there and see what you have, looks wonderful!! Are you loving this weather!! Oh, Im from the Salem area. Laurie

Barn House said...

Hi kathy, thank you so much for your comments and support. I had the best time at your sale.I can't wait to get my rabbit hutch home. I lost your # and don't have an e-mail addtress so that we can make arrangements.call me.Joe

Maison Douce said...

Hello, Kathy, I'm Isabel, Lisa's biz partner, And I just wanted to let you know that your booth is a favorite of mine at Monticello, I could just transfer everything to my house and it would blend perfectly!! See you soon!!