Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Another trip to Portland. It's been one week that we have been set up in our new place at the Monticello. We were very pleased with our first week as it paid the rent for the month. I brought my little antiquing pal Emma. At 11 she already has an eye for treasures. We did a little thrift shopping along with restocking our booth. As you can see I spent all my excess time this week making pincushions. Why? I have no idea.


A Thing for Roses said...


Your blog looks great! I'm not sure which format I used, one of the ones provided by blogger. I haven't been to Monticello since you moved in, but need to make a trip over sometime this weekend. The pictures of your booth are awesome. I'm sure I'll be spending even more money at M's now. BTW, I bought a few things from you at Blackberry Junction that I just love! Best wishes,


Stephanie said...

You have such beautiful things. I cant wait to go back and make a purchase there!!
I still dream of having your Green House in my back yard someday!!
Have a great week,

Auntie Joy said...

I can't wait to get to Monticello and see your booth. I love your blog and I think it is wonderful that you have lots of pictures of your treasures!
Hope to see you all soon!