Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Preparing for Spring sales

Wow i am kinda starting to feel a bit of pressure as we are doing 2 Spring Garden shows, in two weeks. Wouldn't be a big deal but they are both the same weekend and two hours apart. One in Portland at the Monticello and one in the Quaint town of Coburg,known for it wonderful antiques. This seems to be the story of my life living always a bit on the edge. I seem to produce well under pressure. When the time crunch hits, I also seem to do weird things like make cookies, and various other tasks that make those around me wonder if I will get focused and pull things off in time for the deadline. I usually do, just not in an overly orderly way. The show in Coburg is sponsered by a wonderful store called Primrose Lane. It will beheld in 2 large older buildings and include various other venders. There is a food area and also an exspresso bar (which my daughter Grace will be running and believe me she makes great coffee drinks) .If you are up for a drive come and check it out. Thursday the 23, 4-8
Friday the 24, 10-6
Saterday 25, 10-4


Barbara Jean said...

Love the way you display things.
I'm just going to hang around over here, and hope some of it rubs off. =0)


the said...

I love those displays , I really like to see color after a drab winter!!
Happy Easter to you :)

bartpear3 said...

Hey Sis! Things are looking good. Come pay my blog a visit sometime.
http://www.cast-n-flies.blogspot.com or you can find the link @ myshabbyrosesblog
See you at the show.

Iris said...

It was great to see you at Monti's the other day. I can't wait for the garden show there. I am excited I guess I haven't had a show fix for awhile. both shows sound like they are going to Fab! Your spaces are always so beautiful.