Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New treasures for the Monticello

Today my plan was to run up to Portland and restock my booth as fast as possible. However my 9 year-old son Caden had a plan of joining me and making a special day of it. His plan sounded better so he and I headed off to Portland bringing lots of new "Old" treasures to restock and re-fluff our booth at the Monticello. Caden is a fun little guy to spend the day with so we had a great day.Here are a few shots he took of our booth. The little boxes are filled with tiny treasures that a person can buy to create with.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

colds, flues, and some "I love yous"

We are usually a very healthy family but somehow we have really been hit this year. We have had a variety of sickness and other issues lately. In the midst of it all I have done a bit of Valentine creating along with working on finishing some projects around our house. We have done a bit of remodeling in our kitchen that has made a great improvement for very little investment. Amazing what some tools and paint can do to change things. Every one thinks we enlarged the kitchen when really we just relocated a cupboard and opened things up a little. It made a great improvement for the cook :) . My husband also added made me roll out drawers for all the cupboards what a great addition that is .