Saturday, August 20, 2011

We are entering the Industrial Age

As you probably know The Industrial Style has hit with all its weight. I was slow to love this heavy and what seemed clunky style, although after gathering pieces of fabulously rusted iron I am truly beginning to love it. It has to be tastefully blended in with ones personal style .

As we prepare for Our Coburg sale , my Handyman , is putting together some awesome tables and blending together other iron stands and bases with planks of old wood to produce functional industrial home furnishings. The wonderful thing about the industrial style is its ability to withstand time. Every item is so incredibly durable and, I must add heavy

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Preparing for the next big event --Coburg Antique Show

This is our yard sometimes
This is our yard when preparing for a show

We have been working like crazy preparing for the annual Antique show that takes place in the sleepy little town of Coburg. This is a must if you love antiques. The show date is September 11, and the fun begins at about 5:00 am. The shoppers pour in with flashlights and by 8:00 am it is in full swing. Thousands of people from all over flock in for this event. We enjoy doing this show as it is a great social event as well as money maker.

Monday, August 1, 2011

An evening walk in our "little Urban Farm"

One of our dogs, Jackson

My Gals who prefer the fence to their HenHouse, There are 14 total
Brand new babies

We live in town on just about an acre. Its tucked away and people are quite surprised when they see what all we have hidden in our little Urban Farm yard. First of all we love animals and Im not saying how many we have, just in-case someone might put us on one of those hoarding TV shows. We also have a good stash of building materials as well as other clutter. I was careful to not get piles of deb-re in the pictures. So here are a few of our furry and feathery friends