Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A busy week with wedding setup and store preperations

Time to put on our aprons, there's work to be done

treasures ready for the new store

fun finds from the weekend
This week is a really busy one. We are preparing for our oldest daughters wedding.The wedding will be held outdoors at her in-laws home in the country on Saturday. We are having fun setting up with all the outdoor vintage decor that I have collected for years. I am really pleased that she likes that look also. Makes it really fun to decorate. She is planning on a country style decor., with burlap table coverings,old blue glass jars, lots of flowers,and lots of fun signs from old wood.~
On another note, we are preparing display items and getting lots of fun vintage pcs ready for the big move into the new store.We will be moving out of the Monticello August 30th :( and into the new sto
re as soon as the paint dries :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A new shop Blog!

New business cards

Well I am really at the" I'm not sure what to do next stage". There are so many things I need to get done before opening the new store and its hard to decide if it should be painting, moving items, planning out details, pricing goods,etc. , to many choices and to little time. One thing was decided and that is that the shop should have its own separate blog. This blog will be used for shop updates , open houses, special shopping times and general information.The Colbycottage store blog will give store hours and a schedule of tea times available. Of course we will begin with sneak previews of some of the items you will find at the store.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Setting up the Garden area

We have been busily working in the courtyard of the new store. It has really been fun and we are seeing it change before our eyes. The House is wonderful and full of character. We will do some painting inside after the venders move everything out. For now we are doing yard work and preparing a cozy place to enjoy coffee or tea with friends or maybe a tea party- shower, or group meeting . I am also learning how to make and serve various tea menus along with all the other things that go along with running a new business. We are shooting for opening the middle of September. Hope to see many of you soon.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

An unbelievable opportunity comes along!

Maya says Go for it Grandma!

I can hardly believe all that has happened in one week. We are doing something that I always said I'd never do.( run a store) Yes that's right, for those of you that know me, we are actually starting a totally new venture. Last week we had an entirely different venture in mind and I seriously prayed for the doors to either open or shut, well they clearly closed and I was a bit disappointed, hardly knowing that an entirely different situation would come along the next day. Wow what a week! We have been given an opportunity to open our own store /Tea house by a wonderful lady who is closing down her successful antique shop. We will be setting up a cottage garden in the back to host Tea parties, showers,etc. We will be filling the historical house to the brim with Antiques , home and garden decor, and various other treasures. We are also adding a coffee bistro and will cater to all customers whether it be High Tea or Mochas that they'd like. We have lots to do as the goal is to open by the middle of September.